Essentials Scott & Windsor S160 Sartorial 19

 65 275

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 65 275

Type of Garment: Essentials
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2-Piece Suit 2-Piece Suit includes 1x Jacket and 1x Pants 3-Piece Suit 3-Piece Suit includes 1x Jacket and 1x Pants 1x Vest Jacket Only Jacket Pants Only Pants Vest Only Vest
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This Scott & Windsor S160 Sartorial wool blend is a great all year rounder. It is wrinkle resistant, comfortable to wear and its in-trend sophistication will breathe new life into your wardrobe.

Scott & Windsor S160 Sartorial

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Type of Garment: Essentials

2-Piece Suit, 3-Piece Suit, Jacket, Pants, Vest