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JAPAN Kazumi Ohya manga And We do Love

JAPAN Kazumi Ohya manga And We do Love

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Charlie’s Design is a maker of quality bespoke apparel for both men and women, that is redefining and restoring legitimacy and value. We offer unconditionally guaranteed products, which are 100% crafted in Thailand, with a sustainable social mission to create attire with skill, warmth and heart.
Founded 1989, we will soon launch our first two experience centers, one in Singapore and the other Texas, USA.

Every Charlie’s Design outfit, suit, shirt and even a button-hole passes through the hands of our master tailors with decades of experience and offers promising quality and value for money. We consider design of clothing as an art. That is why the quality of our garment reflects attention to detail. All of our jackets are made with canvas interiors and all our garments are finished to perfection. We overlook no details.

With our entrepreneurial thinking and innovative approach, Charlie’s Design continues to cultivate a warm culture in Thailand.

JAPAN Kazumi Ohya manga And We do Love

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